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If you’d like to say hi or send music links for consideration for The Main Ingredient or Song Of The Day, please use this address:

As of now, I listen to everything I’m sent. If I play or post your song, I will let you know. I generally don’t reply with negative feedback/constructive criticism but if you ask for it and I have something useful to offer, I will do my best to reply.

If I’ve ever posted or played your music, feel free to add me to your email list using the address below. If not, please introduce yourself at address above. I’m always looking for new music. Thanks.

These are suggestions for people sending out bulk music promo mailings. Different DJs, radio hosts, and bloggers have different preferences. Here are some suggestions based on my experience of being on the receiving end of these emails.

Prominently include the following in your email:
- A link to stream the music you are offering for download.
- Direct download links to zip files of 320 kbps mp3 and CD Quality (primarily WAV or AIFF, also FLAC or ALAC) versions of your release.
- The release date (if there is one).

The reality is that many of us are getting hundreds (or thousands) of emails a week. You may not be getting a lot of responses to the music you are sending out but a lot of people are listening to 10 seconds of the first song that plays on the first thing they can click (and more if they like what they hear). While it’s obviously not fair to be judged on a few seconds of a song, this is a common practice. So, make that click very easy to find and have it lead to the song that you want people to hear if they only hear one song. Feel free to actually say, “If you only have time to listen to one song, please listen to this one.”

The music is the only thing that matters to me. The artist’s bio is secondary. I don’t care what someone blogged about them. I also don’t care if no one has blogged about them. Obviously, if the song was produced by Robin Hannibal that is relevant information but I will always listen before I read a bio. So please put the release info (artist name, title, label, release date) the streaming link and download links on top of the bio. No one will have trouble finding the bio but text links under a huge bio disappear. Use buttons if they are at the bottom.

Please don’t:
- Attach mp3s to your email.
- Give separate download links for every track on your project (on soundcloud or otherwise) without also providing one eye-catching download link for the entire project.

Also, this is mostly for record labels but can apply to anyone, please differentiate your promo emails from your fan newsletters. Send them from a different email address. Give them a different look.

Some notes on metadata:
This is tedious but you may be shooting yourself in the foot.

Metadata is the non-audio information (song title, artist, album name, year, track numbers, album art, etc.) that is embedded in digital music files. Use this to your advantage! Fill in all of the fields (especially the track number field!) and then paste a sentence or two about the artist in the comment field along with the release date and the record label website. You only have to do it once and then it shows up properly for the hundreds of people you are sending it to. I get tons of music that has major information missing; some entire albums are completely blank. If the music is amazing, I’ll type in information all day but if i’m on the fence about it, lack of info could be the deciding factor in if your music gets played or not. Multiply that times everyone you’ve sent those same files to.

Also, we know songs need to be mixed (“Eqd”) and mastered (“MSTR”) and reduced to 16 bit/44.1 kHz (“44_16″) and converted to mp3 (“-mp3″ and “converted”) but please try to remove all of your process notes, underscores and track numbers from the song title field before sending them out. When the song is titled “EGLO28 A1 Circle (Eqd ATR) 44_16″ it takes a bit to work backwards to “Circle.” I spend at a lot of time “cleaning up” metadata every week and, again, at a certain point, I get tired.

Important: The only exception to what I said above about “Filling in all of the fields” is WAV files. If you don’t know, WAV files do not hold onto metadata(!) If you are sending them out, please title each song file with the track number, then song title, then artist name, and the album name. Once we receive it and add it to our libraries, the file name will show up in the song title field. All other fields will be blank.

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