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Song of the Day: “Do Better” by Fatima

Fatima (London) released her debut album Yellow Memories May 12th on Eglo.

Song of the Day: “King Bromeliad” by Floating Points

Floating Points (London) released his King Bromeliad / Montparnasse EP June 20th on Eglo.

Song of the Day: “One Two Three” by Herbert

Herbert released his new EP “Part 6″ on Sunday on Accidental Records.

Song of the Day: “Who Do You Love?” by Alex Barck & Stee Downes

Free download from Alex Barck’s soundcloud posted June 19th.

Hello Peeps….
Here is a giveaway we thought you might like. A little soul sample cut up session . Stee had this wonderful vocal idea and we cut it spontaneously in between the mixing of his forthcoming album.
To keep it fresh we decided to put it out like it was done in this moment. Feel free to download it and celebrate the summer with us.

Song of the Day: “Close to you” by Art Nap

Art Nap (NYC x NC) posted this single to their soundcloud (as a free download) last Wednesday. Curious to know who is behind the name. [via Dee Phunk]

Song of the Day: “All About The Art” by Dayne Jordan

DJ Jazzy Jeff posted this song by Dayne Jordan (Philadelphia) to his soundcloud as a free download June 10th. I first heard and unsuccessfully tried to Shazam this song when I heard it at the end of one of Jeff’s “Vinyl Destination” episodes a few months back. Music by Jazzy Jeff, James Poyser and Questlove. You can also hear it on my guest mix for Beats For Change which came out this past Friday.

Song of the Day: “Mike Black (John Wizards Remix)” by Mo Kolours

Mo Kolours (England) released this single May 25th on One Handed Music. The original version of “Mike Black” is on his self-titled debut album. More on John Wizards here.

Song of the Day: “Love&YourImagination” by Bläp Dëli

Bläp Dëli (California) released his debut album Whispër​.​Më, which contains this little slice of magic, June 1st on Pragmatic Theory.

Song of the Day: “Secrets Seem Rehearsed” by Diggs Duke

Diggs Duke (Washington, DC) has a new EP titled The Upper Hand & Other Grand Illusions coming out July 7th on Brownswood.

Song of the Day: “Waiting On You” by Mom Tudie & Tom Misch

Mom Tudie (London) posted this track to his soundcloud on March 27th. [via dee phunk]

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