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Yes. [via mkolvr]

The Indianesian Proximity
Damon Wayans
In Living Color – Season 1, 1990

Ok, so I made up the name. “United Negro College Fund Skit” is a lot less funny. I am pretty sure that this will be funny whether or not you remember this show, but if you do, you are in for a hand-over-mouth throwback. I still have the complete first season of this show on a VHS which I painstakingly recorded manually, week after week in the 9th grade. I recorded this audio from the recently released DVD.

It’s funny how times have changed, I used to clutch onto things (like cassette recordings of partial songs on the radio) thinking that if I didn’t get what I could then, it would be gone forever. Now, you can pretty much get anything you want with a few point-and-clicks, and more is getting converting to 1′s and 0′s everyday. This paragraph is very 1999 but don’t mind me.

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