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Feel Like featuring Mar
HomeMade EP, 2009? 2010?
Bacardi Visita (The site is in Dutch)

This is another example of the great blurring of lines that’s going on in “the music business” these days. These three Dutch producers (Full Crate, FS Green & Grand Jackson) teamed up to do an EP and a series of events for Bacardi Visita – what I guess is the Dutch Bacardi (?). I first read about this last August on Moovmnt, my favorite blog. The EP was to be released “during the upcoming three editions off the Visita event.” I’m not sure if that means that they were releasing it digitally, a couple songs at each event or whether they made CDs and were distributing them at all the events but either way, this goes against everything the entire music industry business model. There’s no solid release date, they got paid upfront for a short term mix of recording and performing and the money came directly from a non-music brand to the artists and not through a middle man. Even their name seemed to be a little somewhat in the air, on Moovmnt it was originally billed as “Visita Homemade” but by the time the cover art surfaced (I found this on Trees For Breakfast) the name was simply “HomeMade.”

I’m reminded of my rant about the RIAA president making a speech at the grammy’s in 2008 about “the music stopping” if we don’t keep buying music from the major labels. Well, here it is, one of my songs of the year last year, “pre-paid” by a non-music company from Amsterdam…and it’s better than 98% of what the major labels put out last year.

Photo by Aaron van Valen.

Songs are available for two weeks.
The full EP is available here. I’m not sure for how long.

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