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Our Lives Are Too Short
Our Lives Are Too Short, 2007
Sonar Kollektiv

Outlines are a French Trio who have a studio in Clignancourt, just north of Paris (according to this bio). I first heard them on Gilles Peterson’s Worldwide Exclusives compilation that came out in 2004. Their song “A Matter of Time” has these somewhat unnatural sounding off-beat piano stabs (2:20) that I was really impressed with so when I saw this album online in the Piccadilly Records’ new releases back in 2007, I was excited to click through and listen to the snippets. “Our Lives Are Too Short” was the first snippet and I liked it so much that I downloaded it (the snippet) and listened to endlessly for a few weeks. I picked up the song a few months later and have been playing ever it since. This track starts out with some similarly manipulated/off-kilter keyboard/synth chords.

I recently got the whole album and it does not disappoint. Other standout tracks include “Just A Lil’ Lovin’”, “Back To 1984″, and “I’m In Love.”

Songs are available for two weeks.

Blue Rose
Big Moves
In The Beginning (iTunes, Amazon), 2008

This is a relatively young band from L.A. (apparently the majority of them are Cal State Northridge students) that Garth Trinidad of KCRW has been championing. The story goes that he put on a show for them a couple months back and half of them were not old enough to get into the club where the show was.

Broadly speaking, they are a mix of rock and jazz but don’t sound anything like Steely Dan, which is the first thing I think of when I hear those two genres in the same sentence, so I don’t know how informative that description is. They are definitely heavier on the rock than the jazz – this is one of their chiller songs (it makes me think of dandelions). It’s actually a different version than the one that is on the album (I don’t know the story behind that).

They definitely sound experienced beyond their years. Cal State Northridge stand up!

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Record Store Day – All Vinyl DJ Set at Halcyon

I’ll be playing a one hour vinyl set in between some great djs today outside of Halcyon Record Store in Dumbo, Brooklyn. Click the image for more info.

Little Bit
The Calm
So Far Gone, 2009

I’ve recently stepped up my RSS game and subscribed to the feeds of 30 or so music blogs and I’ve realized one thing so far: a lot of them post the exact same stuff. I guess there are only so many releases, wait, is that true? (no, but I guess 1 of each 50 unknown producers/artists are actually decent and a hustler as well). This is definitely a highly blogged about mixtape (1,2,3,4,5…although there isn’t much editorial past announcements of the release) and I’m sure I look horribly out of date (two months late!) to anyone who keeps score but I always post whatever I’m listening to (Julian actually put me up on this before the RSS deluge) so why stop now?

I don’t know much about Drake other than he’s from Toronto and Lil’ Wayne is a big fan (he’s on at least four songs on this mixtape). There’s a lengthy interview with Complex Magazine’s Blog that I just found and haven’t made it through yet. I’m having a hard time pinning down what makes this mixtape so compelling to me, probably not the production, although I do love the 3:00 a.m. feel of the whole thing. It’s probably the contrast between the commercial packaging and the (many) honest moments like:

Hopin’ Western Union doin’ currency exchange
Cause my dad called and got me feelin’ guilty and ashamed
Like, how I had a Rolls and I went and got a Range
And he payin’ for his cigarettes with dollars and some change?

You can download the whole project for free from what appears to Drake’s blog, October’s Very Own. It’s also available as of right now on mediafire. The zShare link that most of those blogs link to appears to have expired.

While looking for the blog links above I found a great tip on Smoking Section. If you download a lot of music from zSHARE, you’re very aware of that annoying 50 second wait time before you get the actual download link. Apparently, when the counter starts, you can paste javascript:var%20time=0 into the address bar and skip the wait. Say word.

Songs are available for two weeks.

K’Naan on the Somali Pirate Issue

via Different Kitchen.

Tired of Fighting
Menahan Street Band
Make the Road By Walking, 2008 (iTunes)
Dunham Records

The Menahan Street Band is best known for the title track of this album which was sampled shortly after it came out for Jay-Z “Roc Boys” which was produced by Diddy, LV, and Sean C. I have trouble imagining that Puffy is getting the Daptone newsletter and buying 45s; I would love to hear how got in their hands.

I think there was a significant lag (a year and a half?) between the release of their first 7″ single (“Make the Road by Walking” b/w “Karina”) and this album and I lost track of them (ok, I wasn’t signed up for the Daptone Newsletter either, but I am now). I just got a few tracks from the album and they have a very similar vibe to the title track, chunky drums, airy horn harmonies (2:10!), sliding guitar chords that makes your mind go on vacation and lots of reverb.

M.S.B. were also the backing band for this amazing track I posted almost exactly a year ago. Daptone brings the ruckus…

You can also find “Make the Road By Walking” on the Slangcast 001 podcast I did in conjunction with Slang Inc. last year. We are putting the finishing touches on 002 – be on the lookout for it!

Songs are available for two weeks.

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