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Archive for December, 2008

We’re On Our Way Home (Part 1)
Journey Into The Light, 1978

This songs seems perfect as I and many other folks get ready to hit the road the holidays. I posted another song from this album a year and half ago but I recently recorded the entire LP and every few days, I’ve keep returning to it and thinking about how good it is and how sad it is that these guys didn’t get more recognition.

Admittedly, this track starts out a little non-descript but when the verse starts at 1:00, the lead vocals totally draw me in (Belita Woods, I know you are probably in your 50′s or 60′s now, but…can I holler at you? Oh wait, damn, you’re on myspace too? So I can holler at you…ok, now I’m shy). I know fame is only fractionally based on talent but I really feel like she could have been a contender. She could have at least been on a Betty Wright/Gwen McCrae level, they got nothin’ on her.

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Don’t Let Me Fall pt2
Because Its In You pt2
Daru Jones (Daru Myspace, Rusic Myspace)
Spirit Drumz – Chapter 1, 2008

This guy’s online presence is fairly dizzying – you have to hit page-down 14 times on each of his myspace pages before you get to his friends. He also has two blogs and two facebook pages. Ben has been trying to get me to check out his stuff for a while but I was always overwhelmed when visiting his pages. He also seems to put out a free album’s worth of material every free months. Finally ben told me specifically to listen to Spirit Drumz – Chapter 1 and…wow.

I assume the “Spirit” in “Spirit Drums” refers to Gospel (there’s surprsingly little written about the music, considering the web real estate; it says “liner notes forthcoming”), as most of the samples from this album (could be all, minus Spoonie Gee) are from Gospel music. Although the combination is pretty straightforward, I can’t think of another project like it and he does a really job meshing some fairly disparate sounds. When I got to “Because Its In You pt2″ on my first listen through, I was a little put of with the dissonance under such a sunshiney vocal but by the end of the song I was dancing around my apartment.

These are two of the more frenetic songs from the album (although nothing tops “Now Are We pt2″). The chiller songs are great too. This entire album is a free download. If you go to this page, there are three links to download it.

Songs are available for two weeks.

Trans Fatty Acid (Kruder & Dorfmeister Remix)
The K&D Sessions | Disc 1, 1998 (CD, not available on iTunes)

Yet another gem from the Dale mixtape vaults. I actually just looked up the original version of this song (use the player at the top right) because I’ve never heard it before and this remix puts it to shame. In fairness, I’m used to this version after hearing it for years but I have the feeling the majority of you might agree.

This has recently become an end-of-night song for Rani (my Madame X Thursdays bartender-partner-in-crime) and I. I’ve rarely played it over the years because it zones out for so long but she asked if I had it a few weeks ago and I was more than excited to have an excuse to play it.

I’m curious as to how what the remix process entailed. It really sounds like a live performance (applause and all). It’s one of those songs where you can “hear the room” but I doubt it was actually recorded live. The album credits don’t give any details about musicians. Anyone know anything about it?

Songs are available for two weeks.

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