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Peace, Love Not War
Johnny King and The Fatback Band
7″ Single?, 1971?

Well…I’ve decided that these mp3 posts aren’t going to swing the election so I’m going to Ohio this weekend to volunteer for the hope campaign, watch the election results come in with my parents, and hopefully, make more noise than their house has heard in a long time. Add me to the list of people encouraging you to volunteer this weekend/next week! This will be my first act of volunteering (and I just gave my first $25) so there’s no time like the present to get started if you haven’t already.

I saw two really scary and motivating documentaries on Monday night about stolen votes (Steal Back Your Vote and Uncounted) and let’s just say that Barack is going to need as big a margin of victory as he can get to overcome the vote-tampering that’s going to be going on behind the scenes. According to the movies, 3 million votes were not counted in the 2004 election, almost all in democratic-leaning areas. I encourage you to check those movies out.

This song, “Peace, Love Not War” has been reissued a few times and the online info on the reissues dwarfs any info on the original recording, accordingly, I can’t figure it out exactly what year it came out and whether it was on an album of just came out as a single. Even the discography of Fatback’s own site only has it listed on a compilation that spans 1969-1984.

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Image by Shepard Fairey (wikipedia, official site).

First Step
DJ Day
Got To Get It Right 12″, 2007 (This EP is available on iTunes)

This is the second post in an oh-so-loosely election-themed series. This song is really subtle and beautiful to me.

The song is mostly instrumental but there are a few really well chosen vocal samples sprinkled throughout. It opens with a voice saying “What are you doing to make things better?” to set the tone of the song and the next samples don’t appear until 1:47 when a man’s voice says “we need peace” which is quickly followed by a soaring singing voice (is that Donny Hathaway?? If so, from what song?) saying “Ooooh that used to mean so much!…In my heart I pray!” And then after some muted trumpet the original voice comes back, saying “What could I do?” There’s not much to it, lyrically, but there doesn’t need to be anything more. It’s definitely one of those less is more moments.

Here’s a youtube video where he shows how he made the song:

This 12″ came out on Melting Pot Music in Cologne, Germany but DJ Day is actually based in Palm Springs, California.

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how not to request a song – part 11 – the election edition

at madame x:

her: can you play keyshia cole?
me: i don’t have it
her: the roots?
me: yes
her:…with erykah badu?
me: no…too slow.
(she asks for about four other things i don’t have)
me: hold on (i turn away to pick my next song)
her: look at me
me: ignoring her (in a small amount of disbelief)
(i selected and mixed the next song…she’s still standing there)
me: what did you say?
her: can’t you play a song i like?
me: i don’t know you
her: but i just gave you like 6 songs
me: and i told you those songs are not going to happen
her: (staring at me)
me: how about you let me do my thing?
her: oh ok, so it’s no requests?
me: right, it’s not just you
her: ok, i’ll go over there and not talk
me: oh yeah, that’s exactly what i said (said sarcastically)
her: well, is this a democratic dj table or a…(you can the brake lights coming on in her mind but not fast enough)…a…republican dj table?!
me: well…it’s not a jukebox
her: oh! (showing no signs of walking away)
me: pretty much, they pay me for my opinion and that’s about it.
(she walks away)

i think she was going for “dictatorship” or something like that but she couldn’t move beyond the news cycle…

Winter In America (Live)
Gil Scott-Heron & Brian Jackson
Winter In America, 1974
(This track only appears on the 1998 CD re-issue)

I’ve made a few vinyl shopping excursions recently for the first time in a while and I picked up this record saturday. I already had the cd but this is one of the those albums that I want in my vinyl collection. I was going to post “Peace Go With You, Brother” but I realized the title track was a little more appropriate for this moment in time.

When the album was released they hadn’t written a song called “Winter In America.” As Gil says in the re-issue liner notes, “Winter In America was just a phrase that fit the album and the times we were living.” Peggy Harris, a woman who did a collage for the inside jacket cover insisted that there should be a song called “Winter In America” while they were making the album…and even after the album came out and they were working on the next one. They ended up writing the song and putting it on the next album, “First Minute of a New Day” (1975). This version of the song was recorded live in 1982 in Washington, DC and is only available on the TVT Records CD reissue of this album.

This is the intro:

For the last few years, we have been doing a song that concerns the fact that the seasons have been affected recently. Don’t seem to have spring like you used to…or summer or fall. It has been a season, collectively, of frozen aspirations and frozen hopes. We’d like to do a song for you about the season that we’re trying to get over. It’s called Winter in America.

My favorite lyric is:

And now democracy is ragtime on the corner – unemployed.

I love how he says “unemployed” somewhat flatly, after singing the rest of the line. He doesn’t say it on the album version, I guess he thought people were missing it.

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Let’s Live Forever Love
Roman Andrén (site, myspace)
Juanita, 2008 (available on iTunes)

I’ve hesitated to post this song because I don’t have much to say about it (I don’t know a thing about Roman Andrén) but we are running out of warm-ish sunny days and it can’t be denied any longer!

This song has a lovely 1 3/4 minute instrumental intro leading up to the strongest horn hits of the entire song and then it immediately drops down to just keyboards, light percussion and sunny vocals. Like this song, it got my my inner band director going, I might have even said out loud, “was that…a forte-piano!? (at 1:47).

The horns make their triumphant (if more subtle) return at 4:45.

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Night Train
Fort Europa, 2005

Ok, I don’t know if this is a song that I’m going to listening to in ten years (or even one year) but for some reason this sounds so good to me right now. Looptroop are Swedish and like so many people making music in Sweden (and tons of other places, I’m sure) they record in English to make their chances of popularity outside of their country exponentially greater. The funny thing about a lot of international hip hop is that often the artists are aping styles and borrowing subject matter that they’ve experienced second or third hand (of course that’s true of American hip hop too) but the artist’s understanding of the context of what they hear can somtimes be extremely limited. In those cases the resulting music can be cartoonish, especially if the some of the lyrics are lost in re-translation.

That said, this song is surprisingly aesthetically on point to me. The 80′s-pop-sounding “why am I here?” vocal sample contrasted with the merky, 3:00 a.m. beat sounds like mid-career NaS song (see “You’re Da Man” and “We Will Survive”). At the same time, what I can catch of the subject material is surprisingly personal and local.

I’m on the night train from Copenhagen to Berlin
Early in the morning, my head hurting from the Bourbon

I know you love the feelin’ of leavin’
But it don’t matter what country or what region of Sweden
All we got is us and this what __ believe in
I don’t know about you but I’m gonna find freedom
In the everyday life and make the most out of it…

According to wikipedia have been around since 1991 and have a history being critical of the Swedish police and Swedish immigration policy (and I’m sure much more).

Songs are available for two weeks.

My Setlist From The Raw Fusion Party at APT 9-30-08

Love Comes and Goes – Lee Fields
Baby featuring Cecilia Stalin – Koop
Pagina Dos – Prefuse 73
Love Song #1 – Me’Shell Ndegéocello
Musings To Myself – El Michels Affair
The Girl Who Fell Through The Ice – Aim
While I’m Alone – Maze featuring Frankie Beverly
Midnight Marauders – Fitchie featuring Joe Dukie
Breath From Another (Orpheus Floating Mix) – Esthero
Alright – D’Angelo
How Bout Us Featuring Steve Spacek – Katalyst
Slum Beautiful featuring Cee-Lo Goodie – OutKast
Jungle Eyes – Gene Page
Evolution (Featuring Fontella Bass) – Cinematic Orchestra
Just Hangin’ Out – Main Source
Cherish The Day (Ronin Remix) – Sade
It Takes More – Goapele


Tribute To Troy L. – Liquid Crystal Project
Apples&Pears (Extended 2007 Version) – moO
Dizzie – Gecko Turner
The Bose – The Geisha Boys
Get Down – NaS
I Just Realized – The Brand New Heavies
Coming Home (Part 2) feat. Fatima – Hygher Baby
Take U There – Sebi
Forår Til December – Boom Clap Bachelors
Time To Get It Together – Marvin Gaye
Bedda At Home (Yam Who Remix) – Jill Scott
Eyes Closed – Nobody Presents Blank Blue
Let Me Show Ya – Jazzanova
Girl, I Think The World About You – Commodores
You Can’t Hide Love – Creative Source
Free Like Me featuring Dee – HandinHand
Don’t watch that – Ty
All Out (UGS Instrumental) – Massinfluence


One-Nine-Nine-Nine featuring Sadat X – Common
Out There – Willie Hutch
I’ll Never Grow Old – The Charmels
See And Don’t See – Marie Queenie Lyons
Nodoby Wants You When You’re Down and Out – Bobby Womack
Coretta’s Beat – Marc Mac
Feet Keep Moving – Natural Self
Love For The Sake Of Love – Claudja Barry
Strawberry Letter 23 – The Brothers Johnson
Too Fly – Dwele
Can’t Front On Me – Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth
Regiment – Brian Eno and David Byrne
Highest – The Detroit Experiment
Give It Up – Thes One & J-Live
Four Hills – DJ Day
The Bed’s Too Big Without You – The Police
Give Me Your Love (Danny Krivit Edit) – The Sisters Love
Travellin’ Man featuring Mos Def (Remix) – DJ Honda
Nasty featuring Miss Jack Davey – J Dilla/Jay Dee
No Tears (Featuring Leela James) – Pete Rock
That’s How I Know – D’Nell
Stressed Out (Björk’s Say Dip Mix) Featuring Faith Evans – A Tribe Called Quest
Clipse Of Doom (featuring Trife Da God) – Ghostface Killah
Dooinit (Instrumental) – Common
Light It Up – Nicolay
Kick it to the Beat – J-Live
Monosabio Blues (Phillip Owusu Remix) – Gecko Turner
Available (Hearin’ Aid Remix) – Linn
Turn It Up (Instrumental) – Koncept Sparkz
Turn It Up – Koncept Sparkz
Your Mess – Omar
Twisted – Ultra Naté
By Your Side (Cottonbelly Remix) – Sade
Motion Control – Spacek
Games People Play – Sweet G
The Willing (Tom Thump Edit) – Ty
Good Life – Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth
Bus Stop Bitties – Rjd2
Deuteronomy: Niggerman – Me’Shell Ndegéocello
Don’t Leave Me – Holland-Dozier
Nights on Broadway – Candi Staton
Look At You – George McCrae
Moving Closer To The Sofa – The Limp Twins
What’s It About (Tom Thump Extended Edit) – Owusu & Hannibal
Journey To The Light – Brainstorm
We Are One – The Hot 8 Brass Band
Free Me From My Freedom (DJ Scribe Edit) – Bonnie Pointer
Call Me – N’dambi
Joy and Pain – Maze
If We’re In Love – Róisín Murphy
Clean Living – Rjd2
Aht Uh Mi Hed – Shuggie Otis

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