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Archive for September, 2008

Feet Keep Moving
Natural Self
The Art of Vibration, 2008 (CD, iTunes)

When I first heard this song, I thought the intro drums were an almost-direct quote, or at least a very intentional nod to Paul Simon’s “50 Ways To Leave Your Lover” but now that I’ve heard it a bunch, it doesn’t seem quite as deliberate. Either way, that is the only thing that the songs have in common. The horns that come in the 6th bar (are delicious) and set a different tone.

This is the second full album from Natural Self (of Brighton England). Let Peace Be The Ruler was his first and was much more adventurous in a lot of ways. It sounded much more like a live band and had a lot of dissonance. Although I liked it, I didn’t find myself going back to it for that many listens. I’ve listened to the The Art of Vibration more in it’s first two weeks in my library than I listened to the first album in two years.

Both albums are mostly instrumental. Alice Russell made a cameo on the first one and N.S. himself sings for the first time on this album (that’s him on this song) with great results in my opinion.

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Tuesday Sept. 30!

Ooh Baby (Make Me Feel So Young)
Terry Reid
Seed Of Memory, 1976

For the last three or more years, around my birthday (which is around now), I’ve played with the idea of playing music from 1976 (my birth year) for an entire gig. I haven’t followed through with it and I don’t think I will this year either but it’s going to happen…and it’s going to be good and there are going to be lots of delicious detours into things I don’t normally play in order to keep it within the 1976 parameter…and then I’ll realize that they shouldn’t be detours and I should play those songs all the time. Songs like this.

As I’ve mentioned before, I have quite a predilection for folky music and, to me, this song is a perfect mix of soul and folk/rock.

I don’t know that much about Terry Reid but according to his wikipedia page, after some early success with a group called the Jaywalkers (1966) and an early solo album (1968), Jimmy Page offered him the vocalist spot in his new band “the New Yardbirds” (which became Led Zeppelin) which Reid turned down because he had already committed to be the opening act for The Rolling Stones 1969 tour. Reid suggested Robert Plant. Reid also turned down an offer to be the lead singer of Deep Purple during their early years. This album came roughly 10 years into his career and was produced by Graham Nash (from Crosby, Stills and Nash) who actually facilitated the Jaywalkers deal with Columbia back in 1966/67.

Wow, I just realized I picked a song called “Ooh Baby (Make Me Feel So Young)” a few days before my birthday…

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Forgiveness & Love (3)
Me’shell Ndegéocello
Download Only, 2003 (?)

This is a track that Me’shell made available to her email list for free download several years ago. My memory is a little hazy on this one and this was before I had iTunes so I can’t see exactly when I added it to my library.

This song grew/morphed into “Fellowship” on Me’shell’s Comfort Woman album that came out in 2003. In my mind, I feel like she posted this song a few months after Sept. 11th, 2001 (I remember several artists offering free downloads of political/war songs, some new versions of old songs, some, like this, advance material) but she also had an album that came out in 2002 (that it wasn’t on) so it was probably later (closer to the beginning of the Iraq war – March 2003). Either way, it was definitely during a period when I felt that someone questioning the American government’s response to 9/11 (outside of closed circles) was still going out on a limb. Accordingly, I was moved when she basically said “yeah, you heard me” in the pause between “welcome to the reign where the son like father” and “welcome to the reign where the son murder like his father.” (emphasis added).

great white man discoveries
to another man that’d be robbery
mr. politician – how you sleep?
hide behind all the justice money can buy
all the justice money can buy
god bless america / who god you talkin’ bout? (twice)
my god – forgiveness and love
mother mother, mother’s mother
government slave they rape and murder
tell me that i’m set free
now my brothers wear their uniforms
who god you fight for?
let me tell you who you kill for
welcome to the reign where the son like father
welcome to the reign where the son murder like his father
god bless america / who god you talkin’ bout? (twice)
my god – forgiveness and love
god bless america / who god you talkin’ bout? (twice)
my god be forgiveness and love

If you like Me’shell (or like what you hear) and don’t own Comfort Woman – don’t sleep – it’s a masterpiece (available on iTunes, or CD).

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One of my favorite groups – The Foreign Exchange (Phonte and Nicolay) have a new album on the way and they are giving away the first single through their new site.


Seis Por Ocho
Nuspirit Helsinki
Montana Roha Jazz EP, 2001

This track is enough to make me start playing saxophone again. “Seis Por Ocho” refers to the 6/8 time signature of the song (95% of songs western music is in 4/4, meaning four beats per bar). I love how the 6/8 rhythm makes the song feel fast and slow at the same time. Clearly it sounds fast (the ill drum pattern) but when you tap your foot to it, you’ll see it ends up moving pretty slow.

Nuspirit Helsinki are actually from Helsinki, as opposed to Architecture In Helsinki, who are from Australia. I don’t well them well enough to really talk about them so I’ll quote from their Compost Records page:

On the flip side the track Seis Por Ocho is an exploration of 6/8 beats and Latin influenced horn arrangements. Again the beat is based on the phenomenal work of live drums and percussion provided by Teppo Mäkynen and Mamba. The horn section featuring Jukka Eskola on fluegelhorn, Aleksi Ahoniemi on sax and Jay Kortehisto on trombone is flavored with the high voice of the young Cuban vocalist, Erick Jon. Seis Por Ocho has also a groovy live acoustic bass line performed by Anssi Växby.

This mix isn’t available on iTunes but you can get the “Original Jazz Session Mix” which is also great here (that link will launch your iTunes).

Songs are available for two weeks.

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