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Black Patch
5th Dimension
Individually & Collectively, 1972

I’ve had my eye out for this song since reading the (incorrect) sample credits for “Trying People” on De La Soul’s AOI: Bionix album. They were only off by a letter (they listed it as “Black Path”) but apparently that was enough to thwart my lukewarm research efforts for um…6-7 years? (yeah, yeah, so I only checked once). Luckily, my girl Geraldine in the Bay put me up on it via her excellent radio show The Need To Calm (set your iCal/Outook to remind you to tune in Fridays at Noon EST/9:00am PST – this wasn’t the only song that made me beg for a tracklist).

I’ve historically been pretty dismissive of the 5th Dimension; it always seemed that their music was a little too light and potentially geared to a white audience. I still think that’s true but I’m coming around on them between this song and “Dimension 5ive”.

“Trying People” by De La Soul is pinnacle of you might call De La Soul’s “grown a$$ man” period (both Art Official Intelligence albums). This sample was perfect for themes rarely heard in hip hop such as:

Got fans around the world
But my girl’s not one one of ‘em
And my relationship’s a big question
Cause my career is a clear hindrance to her progression
Said she needs a man and our kids need a father
I’m not at all ready to hear her say don’t bother
And break and this i know i can’t take but uh
C. Smith said to hold on…my brother Luck (?) said to hold on…

If you know the De La song already, it will be a little surreal to hear the rest of “Black Patch.” The intro provides the expected ethereal-ness but then the song immediately launches into a much more traditional, almost big-band thing. The weirdest moment is when the “people are you ready?” part from the intro comes back in over the horns at 1:59.

Bonus Question: can anyone tell me – what is Black Patch? (“Woman child on the sad street – flashin’ in black patch”…??)

Recommendation: set the start time of “Trying People” to 0:28 and the end time to 4:25 (how to do that is here).

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Valentine’s Day Setlist

I was attempting to play all love songs with “love” in the title as well, I almost did it.

I Hate To Love Her – Sly & The Family Stone
Can’t Hide Love – Earth Wind & Fire
Everlasting Love – Rufus & Chaka Khan
What A Wonderful Thing Love Is – Al Green
I’m Gonna Love You Just A Little More Baby – Barry White
Feel Like Makin’ Love – D’Angelo
Love Of My Life (An Ode To Hip Hop) – Erykah Badu
Love For The Sake Of Love – Claudja Barry
Purest Love – Blackalicious
Love It – Bilal
I Love The Way You Love – Betty Wright
More Love – Smokey Robinson & The Miracles
All Day Love Affair – Cee-Lo
Love No Limit – Mary J. Blige
What You Won’t Do For Love – Bobby Caldwell
Teenage Love – Slick Rick
Hey Love – Stevie Wonder
It’s Only Love – Barry White
It’s A Love Thing – Pete Rock
Mood For Love – Heavy D. & The Boyz
Love Is – Common
Don’t Change Your Love – Five Stairsteps
Love You Inside Out – Bee Gees
Under The Influence Of Love – Love Unlimited
I Don’t Know Why I Love You (4 Hero Folk Soul Mix) – Brand New Heavies
If We’re In Love – Roisin Murphy
Lovely Thing – Good People
After The Dance – Simbad
In Love – Prince
Love Zone – Billy Ocean
I’ll Be There For You/You’re All I Need To Get By – Method Man/Mary J. Blige
Juicy Fruit – Mtume
The Sweetest Taboo – Sade
Act Too…The Love Of My Life – The Roots
Nite And Day – Al B. Sure
I Don’t Know Why (I Love You) – Stevie Wonder
I Love Every Little Thing About You – Syreeta
It’s The Falling In Love – Michael Jackson
Nuttin’ But Love – Heavy D. & The Boyz
Runaway Love – Linda Clifford
Give Me Your Love – Sylvia Striplin
Love Come Down – Evelyn King
I Want Your Love – Chic
Ooh, I Love It (Love Break Bonus Groove) – Salsoul Orchestra
I’ll Always Love My Mama – The Intruders
Glow Of Love – Change
Word Love (Jay’s Mix) – Rhianna
Our Love Goes On & On – Impressions
It’s A Love Thing – The Whispers
Jungle Love – The Time
I Wanna Be Your Lover – Prince
A Love Bizarre – Sheila E.
African Queen – Billy Ocean
Love Has Come Around – Donald Byrd & 125th Street Band
Dancing On The Floor (Hooked On Your Love) – Third World
I Was Made To Love Her (Live) – Stevie Wonder
For Your Precious Love – Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell
La-La Means I Love You – Delfonics
Piece Of My Love – Guy
Love And Happiness – First Choice
Hang On To Your Love – Sade
That Girl – Stevie Wonder
We Must Be In Love – The Impressions
Love – J Dilla Featuring Pharoahe Monch
Who Do You Love – Bernard Wright
Love The Feeling – Leroy Hutson
All This Love – Debarge
One On One (12″ Version) – Hall And Oates
If You Love Me – Brownstone
Believe In Love (Phat Phili Mix) – Teddy Pendergrass
For The Love Of You – Isley Brothers
Ready Or Not Here I Come (Can’t Hide From Love) – The Delfonics
Computer Love – Zapp
I Need Love – LL Cool J
Yearning For Your Love – Gap Band
Be My Lady – Meters
Ooh Boy – Rose Royce
It’s Love – Jill Scott
Let’s Stay Together – Cee-Lo
Love Is All We Need – Mary J. Blige
Talkin’ About Hey Love – De La Soul
Love What You’ve Done For Me – Al Green
Love In Them There Hills – The Vibrations
Kissing My Love – Bill Withers
Crazy In Love – Beyonce
I Don’t Know Why I Love You – Jackson 5
Could You Be Loved – Bob Marley & The Wailers
Let Love Rule – Lenny Kravitz
Hey! Love – The Delfonics
Love Ballad – L.T.D.
Oh Love, We Finally Made It – Love Unlimited
Baby, This Love I Have – Minnie Riperton
I Love You More Than You’ll Ever Know – Blood, Sweat & Tears
Sunshine Of Your Love – Spanky Wilson
One Love In My Lifetime – Diana Ross
Love At First Sight – Dana Dane
Love Endeavor – Alice Smith
Still In Love With You – Al Green
Are Your Ready For Love – Elton John
Take My Love Don’t Set Me Free – The Eight Minutes
Bump N’ Grind – R. Kelly
One In A Million – Aaliyah
Don’t Disturb This Groove – The System
Touch A Four Love Clover – Atlantic Starr
Tender Love – Force M.D.’s
I Choose You – Willie Hutch
Let’s Do It Again – The Staple Singers
Inside My Love – Minnie Riperton
(At Your Best) You Are Love – Isley Brothers

Kid Charlemagne
Steely Dan
The Royal Scam, 1976

I watched the Grammys this year after skipping them since whatever year the head of RIAA ended the show saying something to the effect of “please stop downloading music – you don’t want the music to stop, do you?” That was a real “wow” moment for me. I always knew the record executives wanted to save their a$$es and their nice apartments/houses but that was the first time that I considered that they actually believed that music would “stop” if they went out of business.

So few artists ever get a dime from major record companies (literally less than 10%) that it’s preposterous to think that all artists would say, “if I’m not going to get royalty checks then I’m going to just stop making music.” Most artists that don’t have multiple platinum albums make all of their money off of touring and merchandise as it is. No doubt that having an album out on a major label is great press and would help with those things but it’s definitely not required. No big surprise: record companies are now desperately attempting to make touring and merchandise part of their contracts.

What does all this have to do with this MP3? Not much other than it’s a song that was sampled on Kanye West’s grammy-award winning “Graduation” album. Kanye used this on “Champion” which is one of the songs that I liked from that album. I’m sitting here trying write something about how hearing the sample makes the Kanye track disappointing but I can’t front, I still like how he used it (even though he says things as stupid as, “I shop so much I could speak Italian.”)

>> songs are available for two weeks (192 kbps) [6.2 MB]
>> songs are available for two weeks (320 kbps) [10.3 MB]

Ask Me (Danny Krivit Re-Work)
Ecstacy, Passion and Pain
Edits by Mr. K | The Original Rare Disco Edits, 2003 (originally 1974)

Danny Krivit’s Site

A new friend was nice enough to let me borrow this record after hearing me gasp when I came across it while flipping through her collection. I didn’t realize that any of Danny Krivit’s re-edits had ever been compiled.

You can read Danny Krivit’s full bio here but in short, he’s been djing for over 35 years (around the world, but based in NYC) and has been become very well known for re-editing songs (the difference between a “re-edit” and a “remix” is that a re-edit rearranges or extends pieces of the original song, where a remix brings in totally new sounds/instruments and often, more or less creates an entirely new song). Danny Krivit’s re-edits often eclipse the popularity of the original version of a song and become the known or expected version. Some, like his edit of “Give Me Your Love” by the Sisters Love (especially because they are usually not well-labeled, because most aren’t legally cleared with the copyright owners) are often assumed to be the original version of the song because they’re the only version a lot of people have ever heard.

He’s done more than 200 re-edits, so the 10 here are a very small portion of what’s out there. Even more impressive when hearing these tracks is that the bulk of them were done with a reel to reel tape machine and razor blade. This edit was actually done using computer software, hence the “underwater” effect at the beginning and at 4:30. I haven’t heard effects like that in the older edits of his that I’m familiar with.

I didn’t know this song before I heard it on this compilation but it blew me away. A room full of people dancing to this song would basically be my dream party.

According to the releases page on Danny’s site, this release was Japan-only which explains why I couldn’t find a site selling it for less than $27.

If you are deterred by the house-y beginning, wait for the vocals, you will be rewarded.

[Notice: this is the same image of Krivit that was used for this flyer for a party I played in L.A. two years ago.]

>> songs are available for two weeks (192 kbps) [9.6 MB]
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