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Take It Slow featuring Joe Dukie and U-Brown
Boozoo Bajou
12″ Single, 2005

You all are going to think I’m getting soft…this is the second “light” song I’ve posted in a row. I’ll bring the funk next week. I’ve been playing this song every day for the last couple of weeks. There isn’t much mystery to the meaning or why it appeals to me. As someone who tries to fill every waking moment doing “something productive” (I’m guessing I’m not alone in that), this song almost forces me to slow down.

I first learned of Boozoo Bajou through their Juke Joint II compilation which has a few really stellar tracks on it including a John Holt reggae cover of the Isley Brother’s “For the Love of You” which I love to play at the end of gigs. It also features this perfect quiet little song called “Cast Anchor” by Hanne Hukkelberg that I just came back across right now. Boozoo Bajou are a producer duo from Nuremberg, Germany. “Take It Slow” is a 12″ from their second album Dust My Broom. It, of course, features “one of the greatest soul reggae voices of the new millenium” (to quote the Boozoo Bajou bio). I’ve been looking out for Joe Dukie’s name since he appeared on Recloose’s “Dust” (I first mentioned him on this post last year), unfortunately I don’t have much new to report (although I did finally get the Fat Freddy’s Drop album two days ago).

Play this track with a decent amount of volume if you can, it really fills up a room. I was hooked when I heard the organ @ :29 immediately follow by the echoed snare drums.

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WONDER-Full™ returns…

I have my tickets…(do you have yours?).

It’s that time of year again, this year’s Wonder-Full party is May 12th at (what I hear is) an amazing HUGE space in Brooklyn with an outdoor deck. I highly recommend this party (as always). You can read my previous posts (1, 2) about it if you are not already familiar.

Day Job (Alister Johnson Remix)
Sunshine State
Day Job (CD Single), 2006

This is the kind of song that poses a dilemna for me. I really like it; there is no denying that, but it has a certain Lisa Loeb quality to it and if it were to become a huge hit and everyone were walking around singing it, I’m pretty sure that I would not be posting it and might even stop liking it. But, as far as I can tell, this song is not (yet) a hit. Sunshine State has a meager 2400 friends on myspace, they don’t have an allmusic entry and they are on what appears to be a small label out of Canada. We’ll see what happens, it wouldn’t be the first time I posted a song that became a huge hit and that I no longer listen to or DJ.

This mix is the more meloncholy of the two but I prefer it because of interesting mix of live instrumentation (especially the upright bass) and electronic production. I also prefer it because it seems to be true to the subject matter. The other mix is very in line with their name (which actually is the official nickname for Florida, which is interesting as they are from Toronto).

Here are a few choice quotes:

“Where did the weekend go?” I say to Steve
As the elevator opens on the 7th Floor of hell
Third cup of coffee now, I’m half awake
Start to wander through my email, getting cozy in my cell

You know there’s muffins on Todd’s desk
Well, I better hurry now and get one
Guess I’ll have to miss that call

Someday, one day, I’ll sleep in ’til noon and stay out late
And live the life I want, I know
One day, I’ll leave this dull gray cubicle behind
If the rent could still get paid

The other mixes are available on iTunes.

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Every Time I See You, I Go Wild!
Journey Into The Light, 1978

This is “great covers installment #2″(see below) and as I said in this post from last year, I think people shouldn’t cover songs unless they are going to do a completely different version or out-perform the original. This is a cover of a Stevie Wonder song that I posted a year ago (almost to the day). Brainstorm take Stevie’s almost frantic take on the song and slow it down from 117 to 100 beats per minute and change the whole vibe of the song to something much more lusty. They basically change the meaning of “go wild” from “you make me feel unstable” to “let’s get a room.”

Brainstorm were a funky-disco group from Detroit that put out three albums in the late 70′s but never got much commercial recognition although I do think they got significant club play. This mp3 is from vinyl but it looks like this album has been reissued on CD, in fact Dusty Groove is illegally selling promo-only copies for $7.99!

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Love And Happiness
First Choice
Armed and Extremely Dangerous, 1973

Good covers can be the saving grace of a DJ gig where people are expecting to hear music they know and music that I feel that I’ve heard/played too often, not that I really tire of Al Green’s original version of “Love and Happiness.”

This is my second First Choice post and while I love their disco material, it’s clear that I favor their chiller soul stuff. It gives them a little more vocal/emotional range to work with and it reveals that whoever is singing lead probably could have succeeded as a solo act doing soul albums.

You can tell that this one is from vinyl…the organ/vocal intro is a bit crackly.

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This is a photo from the Raw Fusion party in Miami…

This is a photo from the Raw Fusion party in Miami. On my left is Stockholm’s finest aka Red Astaire aka Freddie Cruger who’s production I’ve featured before on my blog.

Click on the photo to see more photos from the party.

press from the umoja village benefit

there is this article in the miami new times as well as this one from

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