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Archive for January, 2007

Sunny (Funk Master J.B VS Funk Master J.S Hardboiled Remix)
Jun Sasaki
James Brown Ultimate Remixes (Japan), 2002

I never knew there was a James Brown version of (Bobby Hebb’s) “Sunny.” Apparently it’s on Gettin’ Down To It (1969), which was just added to my shopping list. This mix doesn’t sound like it’s too far what the original might sound like (aside from the percussion) but one thing makes me really curious to hear the original is the dueling electric and acoustic guitars in the left and right channels on this mix (you can hear the acoustic most clearly at 3:21). I can’t name many (really any) JB tracks with acoustic guitar and if that’s a Jun Sasaki addition, it’s a really interesting choice because it works perfectly.

I’m probably the least qualified person to write a James Brown eulogy so I’ll just say that musically, his legendary status is well-earned and his influence, which reaches over many genres of music (especially hip hop) is so wide that it’s hard to understand. Respect.

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last night at rubulad

dj scribe


the crowd

the listening station at Lounge

The Find (PPP Remix)
Ohmega Watts
The Find, 2005

“We’re bringing it back to when it was fresh to say def; the 80′s were a mess but MCs rose to make you say yes, yes.”

I’m obviously going to be a sucker for a song about record digging but I swear this song is hot regardless. This is actually what a perfect example of my side of the argument when people say that hip hop producers have no talent and just steal music. Well, in fairness, my first response is, “a lot of the time you’re right” but then I offer examples of producers recontextualizing sounds to create songs that create a totally different emotional experience from samples original mood. The Platinum Pied Pipers (PPP) sampled The Intruder’s “Cowboys To Girls” which is an intentionally cute song about childhood love and rememberences but (insert producer knowledge that I don’t have here) flipped really sunshiney sounding samples into something moody that sounds like it belongs in the early a.m. hours. Their use of the horns is especially impressive; when I first heard this mix, I couldn’t place the sample even though I already knew the Intruder’s song. I got really excited about the horns because I thought it meant there was another song (that I would be finding shortly) that had amazing moody horns. When I realized they were from “Cowboys to Girls” I was disappointed because I already knew that song and…well, it’s not moody or amazing at all.

FYI – this remix is actually not on The Find – that’s just the only art I could find.

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how not to request a song – part 8

this was at thor last week…a nice young lady came up to me while i was playing “the second time around” by shalamar which is a really happy sounding uptempo disco song:

her: about time to change up the music, right?
me: i don’t know is it?
her: yeah
me: to what?
her: something a little more fun.
me: wow…that’s so subjective, is there something in particular that you want to hear?
her: well…no. come on, you don’t like this.
me: actually, i do.
her: oh….sorry.
me: it’s cool.
her: well…you’re a dj, your opinion doesn’t…matter so much.
me: …i think that’s a jukebox.

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