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1 Love & Share This
Soul Position
8 Million Stories, 2003

I Need My Minutes
Soul Position
Things Go Better With RJ & Al, 2006

Live from the O-State! My favorite Ohio artists returned with their sophomore collaborative effort (Rjd2 has two solo albums) this year, which i finally picked up at Tower’s going out of business sale. Upon first listen, Things Go Better With RJ & Al delivers on their trademark punchy/quirky beats, dry humor, commentary and highly quotable lyrics but does so without delivering on some of the more epic moments of 8 Million Stories. Two of those more epic moments are “1 Love” and “Share This” which are available below.

I’ve spent more than my share of time driving down Ohio highways and “1 Love” is the perfect musical accompaniment to the sun setting over one while still having more than 100 miles still to drive.

I hate to gloss over “Share This” because it’s one of my favorite hip hop tracks ever but I wrote this post because I wanted people to hear the hilarious “I Need My Minutes” from the new album:

I understand that you want to talk to me
But verizon wireless is doggin’ me
Don’t you the weekend and nights are free?
So if it ain’t one of those don’t holler at me
That’s just reality man
So there’s really no need to be mad at me man
You runnin’ ya mouth like we family man
You need to enroll in a family plan
Cause time is money literally
And last i checked man, you live on my street
Still callin’ me cell to kick it with me?
You can walk two blocks and we can kick it for free
Before i go let me break it down
If i don’t pick up then i’m not out of town
I’m probably in the studio laying around
It just costs too much to waste time with you clowns

Chorus: (x4)

I need my minutes
I need my minutes
Back up off of my minutes, b*tch
Raise up off my minutes

Then the outro, delivered in a mild Lil’ Jon impersonation:

Ya’ll know what it is
I’m mad
verizon got me mad
Had to switch to t-mobile!
You big mouth people
Calling me all hours of the day
Wanna talk about nuthin’
Blah! Blah!
I only got 1000 minutes a month!
Ya’ll wanna call me at 5pm
Talk for three hours?
Call me at niiiinnne!
Weekends are free
Cellphone too hot!
Make me wanna yell!
Choke somebody out!
I need my minutes!

Please let me hear this one someone’s voice mail!

>> songs are available for two weeks [6.3 MB]
>> songs are available for two weeks [8.3 MB]
>> songs are available for two weeks [4.7 MB]

how not to request a song – part 7

this was around 10:30 last week at madame x. it was decently crowded; this woman walks up and pushes the shelf that the turntables sit on (which is a little shaky):

me: please don’t touch this, it’s not that sturdy
w.w.w.h….: oh ok, any music that black people would like but for us white girls?
me: …excuse me ?
w.w.w.h…: there’s a twenty in it for you
me: they pay me not you
w.w.w.h…: huh?
me: the bar pays me
w.w.w.h…: i can’t tip you?
me: you can’t bribe me…if i play something you like and you want to give me some $, ok.

20 minutes later
w.w.w.h…: $20 for some “sexy back”? i won’t touch your stuff [then she drops a twenty dollar bill on the playing turntable, i grab it quickly before it hits the needle and throw it back in her face]
me: not touch my stuff? if that made it around the turntable it would have cut the music off.
w.w.w.h…: i respect your integrity, i actually do but can you just take the money?
me: i’m not playing “sexy back.”
w.w.w.h…: well, can you just take it to make me happy?
me : no
w.w.w.h…: as they say in italy “(insert italian phrase)”
me: and as was your intention, i have no idea what that means
w.w.w.h…: just take it! [at which point she puts the money on the mixer and walks away. i then move it to a ledge that reaches in front of the turntables where she could retrieve it at any time.]

1 hour later:
w.w.w.h…: i love your music. i know i’m an a$$ but i can make you some money. my friend has a loft downtown and he has djs and they don’t do it nearly as well as you do it.
me: thank you — do you want your $20 back? (as i point to it on the ledge)
w.w.w.h…: no, give it to the girls


w.w.w.h… = white woman who had no business calling herself a girl

Musiq Soulchild
Luvan Musiq, 2007

When it comes to pop R&B, I have a weakspot for Musiq Soulchild, starting with his first album which I played more than I’d like to mention.

I got to sneak into one of his shows at SOB’s last week (which was a treat, obviously) and he performed his new single “Buddy” which is a based on the 12″ remix of De La Soul’s “Buddy” and by extension Taana Gardner’s “Heartbeat.” Now, I’m as much of a hater as the next New Yorker but for the time being, I’m just charmed by this song.

I can’t pin it down to any one thing but I think he (and whoever produced this song) did a great job using a classic in-your-face bassline but covering it in just the right amount lush keyboards and strings (and horn echo) to make it not feel like a rehashing.

>> songs are available for two weeks [7.2 MB]

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