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Owusu & Hannibal
Living With…, 2006

Ubiquity strikes again! This album came out Tuesday and is shockingly consistent. The album plays like an extended dream sequence. Owusu & Hannibal are from Denmark; there isn’t very much info on the advance copy of the album about which is doing what musically but I’m intrigued to know which one of them is singing. The singing doesn’t really employ much range but the melodies and harmonies are really intuitive and compliment the sparse analog-sounding instrumentation so well that it’s hard to believe that it’s ‘a producer’ singing. (I only assume that it’s one of them because it’s the same voice throughout the entire album).

That said, the instrumentation is really what makes this album stand out. If you like LeFox, I highly recommend picking up the album, you will not be disappointed!

>> songs are available for two weeks [7.7 MB]

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  1. Jon Oliver » Blog Archive » Philip Owusu (Copenhagen) On The Main Ingredient December 4th! Says:

    [...] In 2006 an album came along that broke my brain a little bit…or at least the rules in it. The instrumentation and the harmonies and the humor and the song structures didn’t seem like they could have all come from the two kids watching tv on the album cover and it definitely didn’t fit into my understanding of genres at the time. It was “Living With…” by Owusu & Hannibal. Some of you know it but it didn’t reach anywhere near the amount of ears it deserved to reach. I’ve listened to it and played tracks from it in DJ gigs consistently over the last 6 years and i’ve only grown more fond of it during that time. I was lucky enough to have Robin Hannibal as a guest on the show (as part of Quadron) a couple years back and I am finally completing the circle. Philip Owusu, who just completed his solo album, will come by and be a good a sport about the barrage of questions emanating from my mouth. [...]

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