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Sing a Happy Song
Youngblood Original Motion Picture Soundtrack, 1978

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Can anyone tell me where to get an alarm clock that plays cds or mp3s? I’m serious; I think waking up to this song, instead of the torturous/grating electronic noise that I do now, would do a lot for my quality of life. This song has an ultra sunshiney vibe and the lyrics start: “wake up in the morning with a tune in your heart, grooving to the music is the only way to start.”

This is also another post in the annals of samples. This one is recognizable as “Feels So Good” from Brand Nubian’s 1990 classic, One For All.

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In My Bed (Bugz in the Attic Vocal Mix)
Amy Winehouse
Got the Bug – The Bugz In The Attic Remixes Collection, 2004

Alright, I’m kinda pushing it with two Bugz-related posts in back-to-back months but I finally picked up this remix compilation on Friday and I’ve been playing this track all week.

I’m not familiar with Amy Winhouse past a few blog posts but the consensus seems to be that she’s the white, British Macy Gray. Obviously that’s a gross oversimplification but more importantly it’s not really a compliment. That said, her voice and this track really work.

I generally don’t pay much attention to lyrics but I kept catching a few funny phrases hear and there and I decided to look up the lyrics just now and Ms. Winehouse (and/or her songwriters) are gangster!

Here’s a sampling of choice phrases:

Oh, its you again, listen this isn’t a reunion
So sorry if I turn my head
Yours is a familiar face
But that don’t make your place safe
In my bed

Its something I know you cant do
Separate sex with emotion
I sleep alone, the sun comes up
Your still clinging to that notion

Now its not hard to understand
Why we just speak at night
The only time I hold your hand
Is to get the angle right

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Owusu & Hannibal
Living With…, 2006

Ubiquity strikes again! This album came out Tuesday and is shockingly consistent. The album plays like an extended dream sequence. Owusu & Hannibal are from Denmark; there isn’t very much info on the advance copy of the album about which is doing what musically but I’m intrigued to know which one of them is singing. The singing doesn’t really employ much range but the melodies and harmonies are really intuitive and compliment the sparse analog-sounding instrumentation so well that it’s hard to believe that it’s ‘a producer’ singing. (I only assume that it’s one of them because it’s the same voice throughout the entire album).

That said, the instrumentation is really what makes this album stand out. If you like LeFox, I highly recommend picking up the album, you will not be disappointed!

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I got to spin the opening & closing sets of the Maceo Parker concert at SOB’s last night which was quite an honor.

But You Can’t Run
Young Blood Brass Band
Is That a Riot?
In Stores 10/17/2006

Their myspace says “Sounds Like: Riot Jazz. Post-Hype. Drum Corps Punk. Hiphop/Horn freakout. 5 brass, 3 drummers, a sousaphone and an MC making as much noise as possible” and that’s actually pretty accurate although not really a complete description because it doesn’t give any sense of how satisfying the horn harmonies are (and I have no idea what post-hype means).

I saw them last week at N6 in Williamsburg and they put on the best show I’ve seen all year. Rob Swift and Beans opened…but that didn’t go so well.

Rob Swift was beat juggling really overdone songs like “Rock The Bells” and “Cavern” but the best part was after his “do you want me to go home?” spiel between routines was met with a mixed reaction, he replied “well, there’s about 3-400 of you in here and one of you wants me to go home, I think I’ll keep doing me thing.” Only there was about 100-150 people there and of the 50 that could be bothered to respond (not me) it was probably 35/15.

Beans then performed about 8 songs to track or should I say ipod (including two he stopped halfway through because he was bored of them) . This included doing an entire new song facing the side of the stage bent over at waist with one hand on the mic stand and the other holding the mic…like he was in an alley next to a bar and feeling ill.

Then another DJ came on and played four songs as the YBBB setup. He started well, with “Talk To Me Now” by the The Good People but it got bad quick and the last song he played was “How Do You Want It” by 2pac featuring K-Ci & Jo-Jo. Now don’t get me wrong, there’s a place and time for that song (a strip club comes to mind) but that place is so clearly not the beginning of a YBBB show. I couldn’t figure out if the DJ made himself look like an a$$hole or if he made the band look like a$$holes because watching someone pickup a sousaphone doesn’t seem cool while listening to a R&B’ed-out 2pac track. Either way, two thumbs down on him.

When the band finally played it was inspiring. They have two trumpets, two trombones and a tenor sax player across the front and three percussionists and a sousaphone player across the back. The snare drum player is also the MC. MC as in he introduces the songs and band members and also MC as in he rhymes/yells smart political diatribes in the closest approximation of Zach De La Rocha (formerly of Rage Against the Machine) that I’ve seen. It took me a minute to figure exactly what sounds were coming from where because the sousaphone sounded like a bass guitar a lot of the time and the bass drum was so crisp that it sounded like a drum machine. The songs ranged from more straightforward brass band material (they covered songs from their mentors) to angry punk & hip hop to more chilled out love/loss songs all with great horns and (almost) all of it was stellar. There was one song about sexy clavicles and femurs that made me scrunch up my face a bit but there’s room for that. After the show I bought their new album and their last album for $15 each – and that’s after paying to get in so you know it was good!

It was hard to pick which song to post. For how kinetic this track is, it’s actually mid-level intensity for them. You can also hear the first single “Nuclear Summer” on their myspace page as well as a downloadable sampler for “Is That a Riot?” and a live version of “Brooklyn” which is on their 2003 album Center:Level:Roar. That album also has a crazy cover of “Human Nature.”

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