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Don’t Stop The Music
Back In The Doghouse
Bugz In The Attic, 2006

I am a strong believer that if someone covers a song, they should do something completely different with it or noticeably outperform the original artist (if I remember correctly, Chris Robinson said something similar about the Black Crows’ cover of Otis Redding’s “Hard To Handle” although he didn’t manage to follow his own advice). I now have to add a new caveat to my rule – covers that give a song the extra punch that it needs.

The original “Don’t Stop The Music” is by Yarborough & Peoples and while not that many people know the artists by name, the song is definitely a classic (in some circles). The bridge (4:35) was used as the chorus of Common’s “All Night Long” featuring Erykah Badu and Eve’s “Gangsta Lovin’” featuring Alicia Keys. Puffy also found his “can’t stop / won’t stop / we don’t even know how to stop – uh-uh, uh-uh — uh-huh, uh-huh!” (ubiquitous in the 90′s) here.

I love the original but the energy always seems to lag as a I wait for my favorite part to happen (the bridge at 4:35). The Bugz version is like the original on steroids. It emotional range is a little narrower but the low-end and the syncopated drums more than make up for it.

>> songs are available for two weeks [7.1 MB]

The Hop
Berlin Serengeti
Radio Citizen, 2006

This album came out Tuesday so (for once) I’m actually timely in a way that exists outside of my head! This is one of the many things that I picked up on my trip to California (big shouts to DJ Cocoe). I first listened to it in my big american “Charger” rental car at night (yay, driving with music!) as I drove four people home from the wedding welcome dinner we had just attended. As you’ll hear, this song is perfect for night driving and I got to act cool and nonchalant as if I had picked the song on purpose as I answered my friend saying “Ok, who’s this? I really like their sound” from the backseat.

You can read more on his bio page on the Ubiquity site but Radio Citizen is an alias of Niko Schabel who is from Berlin. He produced the track and the vocals are by a woman named Bajka who was “born in an Indian temple and grew up in Afghanistan, Nepal, Pakistan and on a catamaran in South Africa.” Gotta love bio writers…can you even live on a catamaran?

I really the love the texture of the keyboard sound and my favorite part is the riff that starts at 2:31 and eventually ends the song. It’s behind the beat in that perfect way that sort of slows time down for a second.

Bajka is featured on four of five songs; the rest are instrumental and fall somewhere between jazz and a movie score – all very night-timey.

Recommended for purchase!

>> songs are available for two weeks [6.8 MB]

i had the surreal moment of walking into the adidas store on telegraph ave. in berkeley and seeing a stack of flyers with my name on them…

flyers for the party i'm playing at on friday in the adidas store

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