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pics from last night

thanks for the good time homies! (larger versions can be found here)


the wonder years
aka my 29th birthday!
the music of 1990-1994 all night
wednesday 9/21 @ madame x

this thursday

ms. williamsburg last night

pictures from our dj collective hurricane katrina fundraiser @ miss williamsburg last night (proceeds went to

LMani V drops “Shakara” by Fela

dj tabu and me

me, les boogie, needles, kingfish, lmani v, kosherkuts

We Are All God’s Children
The New Birth
Love Potion, 1976

Friendster/MySpace are more than worthless time-wasters! Here’s a great example: I listed New Birth as one of my favorite groups on my friendster profile last year and a DJ in Tokyo sent me a message telling me had recorded about 6 of their albums from vinyl would be happy to mail me copies of them. I have to say I was a little suspicious at first but I checked out his website and he had clips of New Birth lip-syncing on Soul Train and everything so I decided to send him my address. A few weeks later I got three CDRs in the mail and one of them had this song on it.

Now, I’m not a religious man but there is something really…redeeming about this song. It always struck me as a song about hardship even though its not directly in the lyrics. I’ve been listening to it off and on for months but it’s definitely moved back up my most-played list since the hurricane.

>> songs are available for two weeks [9.9 MB]

come down to last exit tonight!

Best Of v. Greatest Hits

Baby, This Love I Have
Minnie Riperton
Adventures In Paradise, 1975

Someone please start a Best Of series of soul artists for hip hop heads. There’s those “Best of Whoever” bootlegs at Beat Street for DJs but that’s not quite what I’m getting at. The A&R’s who put together the Best Of compilations are always targeting them at a nostalgic older generation. They don’t realize that there’s a whole army of younger folks looking for more gritty, layered sounds made familiar by hip hop and we don’t know or care what was on the radio, we actually just want the best songs.

Case in point: Capitol Gold: The Best of Minnie Riperton is a decent compilation but it lacks some of minnie hottest tracks. It, of course, features “Lovin’ You” (is easy cause you’re beautiful) but skips over “Reasons,” the opening track from the same album which features Stevie Wonder on drums and is probably the funkiest track she’s ever done. It also features “Inside My Love” and the title track from Adventures In Paradise but skips over the subtle, sexy (and prominently sampled) album opener “Baby, This Love I Have.” If you don’t already know this Minnie track, you’ll know it from Tribe’s “Check The Rhime” which, of course, led to Soul IV Real’s even bigger hit, “Candy Rain”. Then of course, there was Black Star’s “K.O.S. (Determination)” which flipped the beat around and used the first verse as the chorus.

Greatest hits and Best of are two different things, let’s get some truth in advertising!

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