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Archive for August, 2005

The Indianesian Proximity
Damon Wayans
In Living Color – Season 1, 1990

Ok, so I made up the name. “United Negro College Fund Skit” is a lot less funny. I am pretty sure that this will be funny whether or not you remember this show, but if you do, you are in for a hand-over-mouth throwback. I still have the complete first season of this show on a VHS which I painstakingly recorded manually, week after week in the 9th grade. I recorded this audio from the recently released DVD.

It’s funny how times have changed, I used to clutch onto things (like cassette recordings of partial songs on the radio) thinking that if I didn’t get what I could then, it would be gone forever. Now, you can pretty much get anything you want with a few point-and-clicks, and more is getting converting to 1′s and 0′s everyday. This paragraph is very 1999 but don’t mind me.

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Foster Sylvers
7″ Single, 1973

“Misdemeanor” is best known (to people under the age of 35, at least) as the sample for The D.O.C.‘s “It’s Funky Enough” (1989). I’ve never heard anyone say “oh, that sounds familiar” when I play “It’s Funky Enough.” It’s either “no, i’ve never heard that” or “1! and it comes the 2 to the 3 and 4, then i drop the beat i have in store!” Well, if you didn’t already know where the instantly memorable instrumental loop comes from, now you do.

“It’s Funky Enough” is such a dark track that the turn “Misdemeanor” takes at 0:05 is very surprising. The song actually covers a lot of sonic ground in 2:20. It goes back and forth from the darker intro/bridge (:00, :48) to the happier/major-chord sounding verses and choruses while interspersing dissonant harmonies (:27, 1:15) and crispier-than-expected drums (1:18-1:21) throughout.

The lyrics can’t go without mention, “she stole my heart…but it’s just a misdemeanor…like when you get your first ticket for illegal parking.”

Thanks Ed, for giving me this record on long-term loan!

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another reason to spend time at my computer?

i just got a scanner ($50! who knew?) and while it’s not big enough to fit 12″ albums, i’m already having a little too much fun with my 45′s. click on the images in these three posts (one, two, three) to see what kind of trouble i’ve gotten myself into.

also, the photo section has gotten a long overdue update. the photos are thumbnails now too – i just made it into the late 90′s!

The Hand of Time
The Perfect Circle
Classic Funk 3, 1995
(original release date possibly 1977)

I bought this compilation for $2 at Academy last summer and was blown away by the above track. I mentioned it in a mass email saying that I was hoping to track down the original. Well, a year (on a tight budget) later, I’ve decided that it’s time to be at peace with the compilation version, until my fateful day comes.

If I was more into record pricing and knowing how rare records are etc., I might be extolling the vinyl prowess (I pretty sure I just made that phrase up) of this compilation. Record collecting and record collectors are funny in that away. The culture is so obsessive that obsession itself seems to frequently replace the quest for hearing music. I’ve heard stories of reissued albums that were pressed in small enough batches that after they disappear from stores, they become almost as expensive and/or sought after as the original albums. Then you find people who aren’t satisfied with one or the other, they must have both. That’s why, when record shopping, I try (not always successfully) to stick with the important and somewhat simpler questions like, “is it scratched?” and “how’s does it sound?”

This record, of course, passed both of those tests and every time I hear it, I feel glad that I don’t trip on having only original pressings! Ok, I trip a little bit, but at least it doesn’t stop me from enjoying myself.

Be sure to check for the following:
:27, 1:38 – the vocals that sound like shouting until they turn into a surprisingly tight harmony
1:12 – the cascading horn harmonies
3:50 – the vocals, the vocals
4:43 – the false ending

>> songs are available for two weeks [9.1 MB]

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