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the reality of my surroundings

I wish I could split time between Cleveland and NYC (…ok, that’s an exaggeration). But I would absolutely clean up on soul and funk records if I had the time to really explore Cleveland’s nooks & crannies.

Here a sampling of what I picked up in Cleveland this weekend, almost all for $1.

Bill Withers – Just As I Am – 1971 ($2.50)
Donny Hathaway – Donny Hathaway – 1971
Gladys Knight and the Pips – I Heard It Through The Grapevine – 1975
Hugh Masekela – Next Album – 1967
Lynard Skynard – Lynard Skynard – 1973
Mary Jane Girls – Only Four You – 1985
Midnight Star – Planetary Invasion – 1984
New Edition – All For Love – 1985
Oscar Brown, Jr. – Between Heaven and Hell – 1962
Quincy Jones – Smackwater Jack – 1971
Rascals – Peaceful World – 1971 (feat Alice Coltrane, Ron Carter & Hubert Laws)
Rolling Stones – Tattoo You – 1981
S.O.S. Band – Just The Way You Like It – 1984
Taj Mahal – Taj Mahal – 1968
Third World – Journey To Addis – 1978

D Train – “You’re The One For Me” – 1981
Jade – “Don’t Walk Away” – 1992
Kate Bush – “Running Up That Hill” – 1985
Queen Latifah – “It’s Alright” – 1997
Whispers – “It’s A Love Thing” – 1980

Archie Bell & The Drells – “Tighten Up” – 1968 (now make it mellow!)
Art Blakey & The Jazz Messengers – “Moanin’, Part I & II” – 1958 (!!)
Staple Singers – “Let’s Do It Again” – 1975 (see Music section)

I also got some cock-eyed looks as I debuted my shiny new portable turntable. One junk shop employee asked me if I got it at Radio Shack and after realizing that “i got it at turntable lab” wasn’t a complete enough answer, I said, “actually, I live in New York…” He threw both of his hands up and said, “you don’t have to say anything else – now I know why it’s so fancy!”

Let’s Do It Again
The Staple Singers
7″ Single, 1975

The Staple Singers are best known for “I’ll Take You There” and “Respect Yourself”. This song, part of a full album of Curtis Mayfield material for the soundtrack to the Bill Cosby/Sidney Poitier movie Let’s Do It Again, was their swan song and last #1 hit. Curtis similarly put the finishing touches on the non-keep-up-with-the-trends portion of Aretha Franklin’s career the next year with the soundtrack to the movie Sparkle. His magic touch would soon fade as well but you wouldn’t be able to tell from this song, which sounds/feels like smiling when sunshine hits the back of your neck.

>> songs are available for two weeks

to all the munchkins all across the world playing hopskotch

more ODB:

From “I Can’t Wait” [Track 2 on N***a Please]

I want to give a shoutout to Funkmaster Flex and all the DJs across the world
I want to give a shoutout to my n*gga Luke
I want to give a shoutout to my n*gga Suge Knight
To my n*gga Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg
I want to give a shoutout to um, um, what’s them n*ggas? OutKast
I want to give a shoutout to um, them crazy n*ggas that, that, in parts of the world that I never been too
I want to give a shoutout to the Eskimos
I want to give a shoutout to the submarines
I want to give a shoutout to the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines
Know what I’m saying? Cause y’all playing my music in the submarines and the boats, know what I’m saying?
Play that shit, know what I’m saying?
It’s called travelling music, busting ya ass style
Yo Big Baby Jesus, know what I’m saying?
It’s one love
I give a shout out to all the woman
I give a shout out to all the babies
All the munchkins all across the world playing hopskotch
I give a shoutout to all the school teachers
I give a shout out to ummm,ummm, myseeeelf

god made dirt and dirt bust ya @$$!!

No one seems to be treating the ODB’s passing like that of Ray Charles, thank god, save maybe Steve Rifkind (artistically speaking, of course; we’re all sacred in someone’s eyes).

But I think we can all agree that he made us smile, more than once. I thought I would take this time to share to of my favorite ODB moments. My favorite lines are in bold, comments/commentary are in italics.

. : . : . : . : . : . : . : . : . : . : .

From “Recognize” [Track 1/Intro to N***a Please]

Yo, this is Chris Rock
You heard my man, he ain’t on no commercial sh*t!
It’s the Ol’ DB! It ain’t the Young DB!
It’s the Ol’ DB…doing that old sh*t!
This ain’t the Embryo DB. This is the Old Motherf*ckin’ DB!
I’m Chris Rock, I’m chillin with the ODB, so I’m in the wrooong place at the wrooong motherf*ckin’ time, with the wroooong motherf*ckin’ man. The Ol’ DB baybay!

. : . : . : . : . : . : . : . : . : . : .

“Rollin’ Wit You” [Track 5 on N***a Please]

[this is the ENTIRE song, so just skip to the bold parts if you want the quick version]

[starts a capella]
you can’t imitate me on this f*ckin’ tape
you ain’t ringin’ a bell, you ain’t / i’m ready when you are
(i.e. “cue the music”)

you ain’t ringin’ a bell, you ain’t bussin’ a grape
you ain’t imitatin’ me on this f*ckin’ tape
[4 times]

my sh*t ain’t corny! [said over top of it]

[piano/strings start in the background]

you ain’t ringin’ a bell, you ain’t bussin’ a grape
you ain’t imitatin’ me on this f*ckin’ tape
[this continues until beat drops]

[on top of the bell/grape line:]
but i’m tellin ya’ll b*tch *ss n*ggas
if y’all don’t f*ckin,
if y’all colored b*tch *ss f*ggot punk *ss motherf*ckers
don’t see that these white people are trying to take over ya’ll sh*t
don’t worry – ya’ll better be happy the ol’ dirty bastard is here
y’all better be happy i’m here!
to, to, to beat the sh*t out of all of ya’ll f*ggot punk *ss motherf*ckers!

[This is particularly funny, because, assuming he's referring to the hip hop, black people lost the majority of their control of it when they took it into studios, just about 20 years before this song came out in 1999.]

[Note: He then commands people to be happy that he is about to kick their asses.]

[the last "you ain't imitating me on this f*ckin' tape" is followed by:]
b*tch *ss n*ggas!

[beat drops]
i shut whole f*ckin’ world down!
[said as if he was going to start a verse but then he pauses and goes back to ranting]

you white motherf*ckers could never, ya’ll can’t ever take over!
you can’t EVER take over!
you shut the f*ck up and you shut the F*CK up
that’s what the F*CK you do!

(yo, could i get a beer, yo i need some beer)

[1st Verse:]
you ain’t using your phone, you ain’t callin’ the cops
cause n*gga, i’m the only king of the block
i’m the ONLY black god, motherf*cker!
and i came to rock the spot
when i throw at football pass at a b*tch she miss
ain’t trying to be funny – gonna use my fist
you can’t use the family feud
you can’t run it on a cuckoooo!
your brain sayin’ keep Ol’ Dirty safe
not locked up, cause i’ll have your F*CKIN’ *ss locked up!
i’ll stash you, lickin’ you down, [like?/light?] that blunt
you ain’t getting’ what you want, i do what i want!
if i got a problem, a PROBLEM got a problem til it’s gone
i’m the only Unique Ason
you reap what you sew / f*ckin with the – O
i got the precinct locked down / you ain’t using the po-po
f*ck you soso / i got the key to your hoe
i’ll stop your whole flow / all you b*tches roll
with me from the ghetto / you want me to control
this f*ckin’ show / give ol’ dirty what he waaant and mo!
cops, I’ll stop your dough / mafia I’ll slow
cops, I’ll stop your dough
yo, mafia! pay me all my motherf*cking money
or i’ma slow down your dough!

jesus i’m rollin with you [x4]

[under the chorus:]
yo, ya’ll scared to death of me when I…
yo, let me get another beer, one more beer? one more beer?

you’ll all be in danger
you’ll have a sex change-ah
i’m gettin more anger – call me dr. straaanger
i master the demon demonic toys
sting you with the venom – kill your joy!
b*tches throw hands in the air like to be sodomized
that’s what i’m here for
that’s what i’m all about
i get girls and ___ they want to get physically f*cked from me
oh big baby!! [falsetto]
hippa to the hoppa and you just don’t stoppa
i control michael jackson’s thriller
catch him and roo ha ha ha
don’t f*ck with the guy that’ll make you shrug
i’m the only original
f*ck you chump!
shut the f*ck up!

yo, did you understand that?

jesus i’m rollin with you (x8)

I’ve recently gotten into a nice rhythm of sifting…

I’ve recently gotten into a nice rhythm of sifting through my collection at home and it has brought some nice treasures back into rotation. I look forward to bringing some of them out for my saturday cameo at the Red Light party.

As much I love blending different styles of music, I sometimes get the urge to just stay with one style and dig a little deeper into it. That’s what I plan to do saturday and what better era than mid 70′s soul/funk!

Look for tracks from The New Birth, The Friends of Distinction, Bill Withers, Brenda And The Tabulations (i’m going to be playing that track for a while!), Bobbi Humphrey, T-Connection, Rhythm Heritage, Odyssey, B.T. Express, MFSB, Brass Construction, Mandrill, The Temptations (from the funky period, which may be funkier than you know!), Gwen McCrae, and the Isley Brothers among others.

Check the music section for this weeks MP3 from the Friends of Distinction! I also added a “Setlists” section which i will update regularly (although probably not for every gig). My setlist from last wednesday is up now.

Any Way You Want Me
The Friends of Distinction
Real Friends, 1970

The Friends of Distinction were best known for “Going In Circles”. A lot people only know that song and it’s a shame because it doesn’t really give you an idea of how funky the group can be (as you will see shortly).

There is sooo much going on in this song yet it all comes off with ease.

Some things to listen for:

in the intro:

*the way strings and the lower set of horns (trombones?) play almost
symmetrical melodies – the strings going up and the horns coming down.

*the way the higher set of horns (trumpets?) answers both of those
lines almost conversationally.

*the way the hand claps (that start in the 5th bar, at 0:11) are off
the beat and propel the vocals (the “do do” part) perfectly.

in the first verse:

*0:22 – the saxophone that seems to be playing a commentary on the melody through the whole thing (it’s in the left speaker/earphone only)

*1:56-2:26 – the swirling trumpets, strings and competing calls of “please” that always gives me the same feeling i used to get on amusement park rides when i thought that, even though it wasn’t supposed to, the whole really was going to topple over.

>> songs are available for two weeks

oh s#*t!! look ma, your lil’ dun is on the internets!

welcome to my site. it is very much a work in progress and i will be adding sections and content on a regular basis, so please check back. also, please let me know if you have any suggestions or comments!

Peter Gunn is coming down to Madame X this wednesday and that will be a treat, so come by if you can.

The following is mostly obvious but I will say it anyway:

*my upcoming gigs will be listed in the top left corner

*under that are my songs of the week

*all the pictures in the photography section (and the ones that change with the navigation) were taken with a digital camera whilst on my travels

*the music section will offer some of my favorite underappreciated songs for download and will include a free mix as well at some point soon

check it out and come back often!

Let’s Go All The Way (Down)
Brenda And The Tabulations
I Keep Coming Back For More, 1977

I don’t know a whole lot about this group at this point but it appears that they were much more of a ‘soul group trying disco’ than a disco group outright and they were better known for ballads. All I know is, the first time i heard Brenda say “tell me what’s on your mind” in her Rosie Perez-style NY accent I was hooked!

>> songs are available for two weeks

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